RBR-RU Rally Championship 2009-2010 (архив)


Русская версия

The Championship is independent and nonprofit competition by the Richard Burns Rally game. The objective of the Championship is reveal of best virtual pilot in different classes (groups).

To take part in the Championship one must fit these requirements:

  • presence of the Richard Burns Rally game,
  • stable internet connection,
  • ability of regular participation in Championship.

Everyone who wants to participate must learn these Regulations before he submits the request of participation. The request of participation considered as obligation to follow all articles of Regulations.

I. Generalities

1.1 This Regulations are regulate the rules of participation, the order of arrangement and implementation of «RBR-Ru Rally Championship».
1.2 This Regulations may be changed or added with new alterations.
1.2.1 Every change will be published in News section of official site as well as in a message on Championship forum in Regulations topic.
1.3 The instruments of Championship implementation:

1.4 Attachments:
1st attachment — Championship calendar
2nd attachment — Rules of taking part in RBR championships
3rd attachment — List of available cars

II. Responsible persons

2.1 Director is responsible for championship organization. He makes a decisions on disputable situations and examines reports by shotcuts and assigns a penalties.
2.2 Sporting Commisioners Board (SCB) is the group of pilots who checks the game replays and sends reports about shortcuts to director. SCB has influence on desicions in disputable situations.

III. Championship organizations

3.1 Championship consists of 12 events, which are time-spaced at 14 days minumum.
3.2 Each event lasts from 0:0 MSC thursday to 20:0 MSC sunday.
? Note: MSC time = +3 CET or +4 CET DST.
3.3 Each event consists of 1 leg up to 110 km length.
3.4 Each event includes 3 services 40–80 minutes amount.
3.5 Events timetable is in the official calandar of Championship (look attachment 1).
3.6 In-depth information about the events is published on the official championship’s website.

IV. Participation in Championship

4.1 Everyone who wishes and has properly installed game (look attachment 2) as well as ability of regular participation has the right to submit hivself to participation.
4.1.1 Request must be submitted before start of that event where pilot wants to begin his performance in Championship.
4.1.2 Submitting or/and participating under 2 or more different nicknames are not allowed.
4.1.3 If 2 or more men needs to play from one computer, they must to inform the director in advance.
4.2 Any technical problems (connection loss, game crash, power cut, etc.) appeared during the race process equating to car accident and pilot’s retire.
4.3 The pilot can start the event only once.
4.3.1 Under «event start» considering entering on 1st stage start position of this event.
4.3.2 Retries are not allowed.

4.4 Any player have a right to register his own team.
4.5 After team is registered the membership change disallowed.
4.6 Team creator is the manager and first pilot at the same time.
4.7 Team members can participate on different cars of different classes.
4.8 A count of team members is limited by 3 pilots.

4.9 The pilots can participate only on allowed cars (look attachment 3).
4.10 Championship is divided on following classes:

  • WRC — standart WRC cars and A8 cars.
  • Super WRC — WRC cars older then 2005 year.
  • Open WRC — WRC cars of 2005 year and newer.
  • Group N4
  • Group N3
  • A7
  • S2000
  • S1600

4.11 Each pilot can change a car only twice.
4.12 In case of class changing a points gatherd in previous class saves only in that class.
4.13 Car changing during the event disallwed.

V. Point calculation system

5.1 Absolute personal rating — 20 prize-winning places: 25-22-20-18-16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.
Class personal rating — 8 prize-winning places: 12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1.
Team rating — 10 prize-winning places: 12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.
5.2 Team points are calculating in compliance with finish place in event.
5.2.1 Team result composed of two best results of team members in each rating. In case of equality of different teams results a higher place takes up that team which has a pilot with higher absolute personal rating.
5.3 Points calculating goes on after replays check is complete and results of all pilots are confirmed (with a glance of penalties, if is). Final results are publishes at the official website.
5.4 In case of results equality of two or more pilots a higher place take that pilot who has more higher places (firsts, seconds, thirds and so on).
5.4.1 In case of identical results of pilots a higher place take that pilot who got result on later events.
5.5 (5.5.1) Team results are calculating as well as pilots results.

VI. The rules of stages pass and car tuning

6.1 Shortcuts are disallowed.
6.2 Under shortcut considered a distance shortening by inner radius of turn and all 4 wheels are outside of visible road border.
6.2.1 In case of poor visibility or disputable situation the director have a right to make a resolve himself.
6.3 Participating on a car which setup is not correspond to physics file limits is dissallowed.
6.3.1 Under Physics limits considered a values from original physics file of a pilot’s car.

VII. Technical control

7.1 For control of observance of stages pass rules and setup correctness on each Championship’s events SCB realize replays check.
7.2 The list of required replays are publishes on the official championship’s website in «Replays» section of event’s page.
7.3 It is necessary to upload the replays on the site by 36 hours elapsed from the end of event.
7.4 Any pilot have a right to check the accessible replays of any other pilot and in case of discovering Regulations breaches turn to sporting commisioners or director.
7.5 The period of replays checking and turning to SCB about probable breaches is 72 hours from the end of event.
7.6 Final results are publishes on the official website of Championship by 96 hours elapsed from the end of event.

VIII. Refereeing

8.1 Every participant of Championship have a right to appeal to director with a petition, protestation or request to consider a disputable question appeared in course of the Championship.
8.2 An order of appealing to director fixed in special topic «Disputable questions, protestations, petitions», on the official web forum of Championship.

IX. Penalties

9.1 Registering or participating under two or more nicknames: disqualification from Championship without a right to compete under any other nickname.
9.2 Participating two or more pilots from one computer without the permission of the director: canceling the results of all participants from this computer which was made in the event where this breach was commited.
9.3 Repeated starting the event under any nickname: canceling all results in this event. In case of repeated breach disqualificaton possible by the director’s decision.
9.4 Participating on a car which is differs from submitted: canceling results.
9.5 Shortcutting: 40 seconds penalty for every discovered shortcut.
9.5.1 The pilot had received 10 or more fines for shortcutting for 1 or more stages of the championship will be disqualified from the championship for a period determined by the director.
9.5.2 If detected serious shortcutting possible disqualification for a period determined by the Director.
9.6 Absence of replays in a fixed time constraints: 300c penalty time for each missing replay.
9.7 Using incorrect setup: canceling results in that event where this setup used.
9.8 Any other attempts of cheating or trickery puniching by immediately disqualification on the period which director is assign.

Ignorance or misunderstanding of this Regulations is not a reason to mitigate or cancel a punichment.

Attention! This Regulations may be changed or supplemented in the course of Championship. Any changes may be made not later then 3 days before start of event. The information about aby changes will be published on the official website in News page with a list of all changes.