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Вышла восьмая версия редактора трасс Bob's Track Builder


Версия готова с серьезными изменениями в сечении-редактировании трека.
Ниже читайте полный список изменений на английском языке.
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  • Cross-sections
— Editing of cross-section for track and walls now performed through the 3d window, although 2d window can still be used.
— Added Cross-section template support to XPacker. Different shaped roads and walls can be defined in an XPack allowing the BTB user to quickly use a standard shape.
— In BTB Right-click to open the popup menu and select a new cross-section template when editing the track or walls. (Tip: in the 3d view the opening of the popup menu is delayed because the right mouse is used for looking around. To have it open immediately you can right-click-left-click).
— Copy/Paste of cross-section shape and materials.
— Sped up track cross-section editing with huge improvements for large tracks with lots of objects.
  • XPacker — Added ability to categorise Materials so that some are not shown in some windows. Eg. Materials applicable to Objects are not show in Track’s Material selection.
  • Material selection now performed through popup window instead of always being in the surface/wall window.
  • Insertion of Track Nodes performed by holding the Control key when you click on the Track (instead of having a separate tool).
  • Road edge transition now a straight line instead of the smoothed interpolation used for height shape transition.
  • Objects, when in rotation edit mode, can be rotated by holding the Y key instead of clicking the circles. X and Z can also be used for other axis but Y will be most popular since it controls the Yaw.
  • Old method of creating Driveline made with a lot of points is now replaced by new Curve method.
  • AIW editing allows adding/editing of:
— Centreline path
— Pitlane path
— Fast path
— Corridors
— Grid / Teleport positions can be attached to Centerline or moved independently.
— Garage / Pit positions can be attached to the pitlane or moved independently.
  • Drag Pacenotes around by clicking on them instead of grabbing them by their balls.
  • Positioning of everything (Cambers, widths, cross-section surfaces) along the track made more accurate. This also applies to walls.
  • Evo export lowered to make horizon start at a better position.


  • SObjects not being named when created.
  • Alpha textured objects were not receiving light in rF, and Evo games.
  • Rotation/resizing whole track was not affecting the SObjects.
  • Bug in terrain Fill (under some circumstances).
  • Crash when Projects folder is deleted by user and then BTB started.

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